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What Sets Us Apart

ASI is a world-class organization that offers employment unparalleled to any other call center. As a growing company, we have implemented a family oriented culture at our Memphis and Rapid City sites by investing in our employees and encouraging a positive and passionate interaction amongst one another. ASI offers remarkable advancement opportunities by working closely with all employees to support and develop them into esteemed attributes and successful leaders.

ASI also provides an outstanding Benefit Program that offers a variety of packages that include but are not limited to Health and Dental coverage to its full-time and part-time employees, allowing you and your family to be covered and worry free.

ASI should be your desired place of employment because of not only who we are and the vast opportunities that we can provide, but because we are willing to place an immeasurable investment on the development of your career with us. After-all, we believe our employees are our most valuable asset.

ASI offers remarkable advancement opportunities by working closely with all employees to support and develop them into successful leaders.

ASI Team
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What Our Employees Have to Say

Myra, Innovations Associate

"After working somewhere else for 18 years, I was a little reluctant to start over. I took the plunge and what a refreshing change. ASI is a company that cares about their employees. We have had changes and some adjustments in the 7 years I have been here, but they have all been to ensure a strong company and a healthy environment - physically and mentally. I am happy to be part of the ASI family."

Frazier, Factory Service STCII Agent

"It is so hard to find a company that not only believes in but also practices employee growth. Our great company not only trains you for success but also gives you the learning tools to continually help you grow in your current position. ASI cares about the well-being of its employees and shows it by providing quarterly health screenings as well as providing healthy eating tips and has also instituted a health-ahead committee to address health issues. WOW!!!"

Amy, GE Store Associate

"I’ve worked at ASI a little over 6 years and just love it! ASI is hands down the best employer I’ve ever had around here. Their benefit package is super! It’s a great feeling to know that when I go to work I’ll be around people that are just wonderful!"

Sonya, Experienced Quality Leader

"Being employed at ASI has truly been a blessing to me. I started in Consumer Relations and have advanced to the Quality and Training department. ASI is not only a place of employment, it is a place where bonds are made. ASI has core values and as employees, we demonstrate them daily while interacting with our consumers. Customer first always, being positive & passionate, initiating & embracing change, being honest & always acting with integrity, and most of all CELEBRATING PEOPLE!!!"